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Selected publications

Peer reviewed papers

Barn B, Clark T, Dexter H and Franklin T, Aiming for model re-use: Observations from the Innovation Base - A domain specific repository, Infosys Labds Briefings Vol 11 No 2, 2013, pp 36-47  http://www.infosys.com/infosys-labs/publications/Documents/perspectives-model-based-software-engineering/domain-specific-repository.pdf

Dexter, H. and Franklin, T., 2010. Lowering the barriers to sharing knowledge through domain modelling. IADIS Information Systems Conference 2010 . Porto, Portugal.

Franklin T, 2007, What Went Wrong: A Programme Manager's Perspective, WWWrong'07: Exchanging Experiences in Technology Enhanced Learning - What Went Wrong? What Went Right?, pp38-47, Crete, 2007, http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-317/paper04.pdf

Conole, G., Smith, T. and Franklin, T, 2002,  A Review of the Technologies Application Programme - Perspectives on Teaching and Learning. In, ASCHILITE 2003, Auckland, New Zealand Dec 2002. , 107pp. http://www.ascilite.org.au/conferences/auckland02/proceedings/papers/068.pdf

Keane, J; Franklin, T.; Dipper, R.; Grant, A.J; Sumner, R; Xu, M. Benchmarking Finanacial Database Queries on a Parallel Machine, In Proceedings of 28th Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences, HICSS-28, IEEE Press, Vol 1 pp 402-411, Hawaii, USA, January 1995 http://www.computer.org/portal/web/csdl/doi/10.1109/HICSS.1995.375518

Book chapters

Franklin, T. Portal Architectures in Portals, Ed. Cox, A. Facet Publishing, June 2006 http://www.franklin-consulting.co.uk/LinkedDocuments/portal%20architectures.doc

Franklin, T. and Armstrong, J. Designing Spaces for Personalizing Learning: Spaces for personalizing learning or personalizing learning spaces? In Personalizing Learning in the Twenty-first Century, eds. De Freitas, S. and Yapp, C. Network Educational Press, 2005 pp 83-87 http://www.franklin-consulting.co.uk/LinkedDocuments/personalising%20learning%20spaces%20-%20final.doc

Other publications

Franklin T, Why some 'successful' projects 'fail', ALT News, 2011, http://newsletter.alt.ac.uk/10x5ewb7182

Franklin T and Armstrong J, Innovative Adoption of Web 2.0 Technologies: Emerging Policies, Practices & Strategies for University Leaders, Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, 2009, http://www.obhe.ac.uk/documents/view_details?id=752

Franklin T and Armstrong J, A review of current and developing international practice in the use of social networking (Web 2.0) in higher education, 2008, http://www.franklin-consulting.co.uk/LinkedDocuments/the%20use%20of%20social%20networking%20in%20HE.pdf

Franklin, T and van Harmelen, M Web 2.0 for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, August 2007, http://www.obhe.ac.uk/documents/view_details?id=24

Franklin T, Portals in Higher Education: Concepts & Models, Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, 2004, http://www.obhe.ac.uk/documents/view_details?id=54

Franklin, T., Armstrong, J., Oliver, M., & Petch, J. (2004). Towards a framework for the evaluation of e-learning. http://www.elrc.ac.uk/download/publications/foundationPAW_V0%5B1%5D.4.pdf

Franklin T, Wireless Local Area Networks in Education, 2003, TechLearn Technical Report, TechLearn, York, 2003, http://www.franklin-consulting.co.uk/LinkedDocuments/Wireless.pdf