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Reports relating to process improvement

University of Bolton Induction Process

This report introduces the model of the current induction process for full-time on-campus students. Models were produced as UML, Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN), and Archimate architecture diagram.  The purpose of this work was twofold.  Firstly to demonstrate that useful models of the processes could be produced in less than a week’s effort, and secondly to demonstrate that the information could be displayed using any of these modelling methods in order to support understanding amongst the people who work on different parts of the process.

Amongst the key findings were that:

The report can be downloaded in  PDF format

High Level Domain Map Project - Final report

This report describes the issues that need to be addressed in developing a fully functional domain map of higher education, and the creation of a proof-of-concept domain map that demonstrates the viability of the concept and the value of the techniques proposed here.  We suggest that a domain map is a tool which supports navigation through a model of the domain, which in this case is a model of higher education. The model comprises the various functions which are undertaken in a university, and these functions can then be broken down into processes.  A domain map can be either generic, that is represent a canonical university, or it can be customised to the precise workings of a particular university.

This report addresses the  following questions:

The report is available in  Word and PDF.

Roles Landscape Study

The Roles Landscape Study was a joint project between Franklin Consulting (FC), the University of Manchester (UoM) and the Educational Competencies Consortium Limited (ECC).  The study investigated the possibility of mapping roles in higher education in such a way that there might be understanding of roles across institutions and whether it is possible to model roles so that the model can be used to support planning and change management.  The report discusses the methods we used and the samples that we took to study the issue.  It demonstrates that the approach works, and Human Resource and organisational development staff understand the model and its purposes and believe that it can be very useful in supporting their work.

Roles Landscape Study - final report